Project Description

Born from a man’s passion. Dedicated to women and their passion. It is Art. It is a Jewelry. It is Excellence. Conspiracy overturns the verbal law where a shoe must be created with traditional materials such as hide, leather, wood. The same rule that does exclude the final customer in the creative process. Sculpture-sole made by aeronautical-aluminium. The technology and the resistance of nanoceramic coatings. Groundbreaking materials and technologies, kept from F1 and aeronautics, that hold, or rather lift a woman on a heel 12. To the sole, by titanium screws, are fixed jewel-insoles, set with natural crystals and gems, by Italian hand-made embroideries created by wise master craftmen. But also feathers, corals, precious yarns. There is no limit to creativity.

Url : Conspiracy

Project Details

  • Client

    Daman Zakhar

  • Skills

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Php